Greenbush Soapworks

Goats Milk Soap Handmade in Maine

Just for EWE Felted Soap

A felted soap is like a soap with a jacket on!
It is lightly exfoliating, and a great way to make your bar soaps last longer.*When washing up, it is a magnificent washcloth-and-soap-in-one!*
It is simply; a bar of soap, wrapped in wool roving that is then felted around the soap.
Be sure to set it in a dry place to air dry between uses

Random scents and colors  $8.50  (about 1/2 of Etsy prices)

NEW SCENT !  Special Price for a limited time.
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper
Spot on dupe of Capri Blue's Volcano
Save $1.50
                                                                              PaPa's Pipe
Gramps and his Cherry Tobacco smell.
Save $1.50