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Maine Dictionary for Tourists


Wicked-used to describe things.  Wicked Good,  Wicked Cold,etc.


Ayuh-means yes most of the time. Doesn't mean agreement.


Yondah- away from where you are now


Apiece- a mile or further, a measurement, Down the rud apiece


Rud- highway


Cah- an auto, something to contain lobsters being held for market


By Thundah- a cuss word used by ministers and others


Butt Sprung- condition of an aged male whose rear end drags


Mite-not much


Lowry- overcast weather, sour puss


In full sail- a well endowed female


Crittah- any animal


Heft-to lift


Tunk- to hit,  "tunk it a mite"


Cripes- candy coated cuss word


Summah- between spring and fall


Messo- unit of measure " messo clams"


Gaud- cuss, directed mostly toward elected officals


Deck- anything flat made of wood, to flatten someone


Depity- such as assistant sheriff


Boondocks- land more than 500 yards from the shore or south of Kittery


Shuck- to divest clams of their innards " you shuck clams to make a chowdah"


Flats- Land offshore, Fragrance you smell at lowtide


Bow- front of a boat , kinda pointed


Stern- other end of the boat , kinda flat


Reach- long body of water between hunks of land,
               What you do when the blueberry muffins are apt to get by you at a grange supper


Pound- place where lobsters are stored, where stray dogs are taken


Crik- a small stream, a pain in the neck


Pond- can be a 5 mile long lake or a 20 foot village puddle, Mainers don't really care


Spleeny- milk toast type, coward, sissy, applied mostly to husbands


Haniss- gear put on a horse to help it haul loads


Peaked- poor looking


Yad- land in front of the house


Callis- town of Calais on the border of Canada


From Away- Foreigners,not from the state of Maine


Cottage- summah persons manision


Camp- Maine persons cottage


The "Real"  Maine  State  Bird



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